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Overall Satisfaction
Extremely Unsatisfied 😞Unsatisfied 😕Neutral 😐Satisfied 🙂Extremely Satisfied 😃
Effectiveness of Social Media Strategy
Highly Ineffective😞Unsatisfied 😕Neutral 😐Effective 🙂Extremely Satisfied 😃
Communication and Responsiveness
Poor😞Unsatisfied 😕Neutral 😐Good🙂Excellent 😃
Engagement and Interaction
Not Engaging at All😞Unsatisfied 😕Moderately Engaging😐High Quality🙂Exceptional😃
Quality of Content
Poor😞Unsatisfied 😕Acceptable 😐High Quality🙂Exceptional😃
Increase in Follower/Fan Base
Decrease😞No Significant Change 😕Moderately Engaging😐Moderate Increase🙂Significant Increase😃
Impact on Brand Visibility
No Improvement😞Negligible Improvement 😕Slight Improvement😐Noticeable Improvement🙂Substantial Improvement😃

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